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Video Production for all occasions

In middle of 2022, OIKOS WBGB Studios is established to move into segment of video creation, production and video editing and project based promotion of clients products, technology and know-how in various social media platform. OIKOS WBGB Studios video communications are produced as an independent and neutral client partner including podcast and event planning on behalf of engaging clients.


Our Story

OIKOS WBGB Pte Ltd started out in SEP/OCT 2018. In the beginning years, representing various brands and manufacturers.  In 2020, OIKOS WBGB re-think its business model, and move slowly towards small - medium size solutions that works and integrate well with other brands owners, manufacturers as a valued-add partner to suppliers' equipment and streamlines process. 


In line with this non-competitive business model, OIKOS WBGB has diversified into video creation, editing, production, image and photo retouching, podcasts and event planning with clients for photo, gallery design, video communications / presentations for fair, independent, and neutral production. And as a resource for secondary event planning / design channel to our clients. 

Meet The Team

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