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SINAJET Die-cutting  

Integrated with cutting tool, creasing wheel tool, plotting pen and CCD registration system, SinaJet die-cutter cut labels of any shape, folding cartons of any structure directly from your original designs. No traditional cutting dies is needed for digitally fast turnaround, small lot production. Designed files are exported from Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw in the form of DXF, PLT, XML or CF2 to SinaJet controller for cut processing, saving cost and time for production. Versatile fast sheet fed production. Created for short-run on-demand production, SinaJet die-cutter are automatized with QR code recognition and auto retrieval of cut file for "fool proof" error and wastage prevention. Making it possible to finish a A3-B2 sheet die-cut in no time. Application on grey board,  corrugated board, PVC, foamboard, up to thickness of 6mm.

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Speed and accuracy

Intelligent control interface, digital servo motor with multi tool holders and universal cutting inserts of various cut blades, creasing or EOT (electrical oscillating tool). This enhances the range of material to fit to short-run production. Integrated with camera registration and built with...

  • Automatic Feed

  • Automatic Position, eye detection, size calibration

  • Automatic Cut

  • Automatic media Offload

For best functional mid size flatbed in its range

SinaJet cutting plotter has a greater speed and accuracy. Supported by a DSP control center and digital servo motor, it has by market its best cost-performance machine.  Azault cutting plotter has multi tool-holders on the cut head and universal for inserts of cutting knifes, scoring tools or plotting pens. On one cutting plotter, it can maximize the application range fully equipped with various kind of cutting and impressing blades and used in cutting, plotting and crease/scoring of  many materials like PVC board, PP board, card paper, film, sticker. Sinajet series helps  you save time reducing the cost. The max. cutting depth varied with model from 2mm - 10mm, and depending on material density. 




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