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Common expendables of various cut devices are kept with decent stock level locally  . Priming and water based coating rollers, pinch rollers, conveyor belts are other common items kept available. Turnaround time of 3-4 works days from order is expected on common available parts and accessories for replacement. Minimum level of CPU boards, I/O boards, digital servo motors, are kept for customers with committed service agreement. The list of other consumables  are readily available,


Many of the machines mentioned here are based on standard machine configuration. In and above, most of them has the power of field upgrade. For additional and special designed modules that might come about in the near future, such build to order designs tools, are all conceived and make through R&D work of the manufacturer. On other level, certain developments and fabrication are built and retrofitted locally to the requirements of the customers. As machine lifespan depends on the quality of  parts and design, all parts and innovations at manufacturer site or developed locally are taken into consideration with this in mind.


Field service and preventive maintenance are important for customers within the first warranty year and life span of the machine. OIKOS is the service partner of VIP color distributors in Singapore. And servicing and installing of flatbed cutter and flatbed plotter. OIKOS is registered C&J post finishing machinery local service provider. Service and repair for cold laminators, UV flatbeds and others.


Service include PM - preventive maintenance on dedicated machine. Machine repairs, overhaul and general calibration of the product unit are checked on regular basis. As the reseller, agent and appointed service provider of various manufacturers' brands, we offer "break fix", service agreement, or full service contract (including parts) to client to choose from.

Apart from physical maintenance and service of the machine, we look into soft aspects of developing ready available or non existent solutions to serve the purpose and challenges at stake. Exploring, testing, researching for better provision above status quo. This includes finding a better methodology in handling and controlling workflow and workaround and solutions to improvise practical additions for performance, and mechanical, electrical to serve optimal needs required on the work floor.