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CNJ Priming Coating Corona

C&J machine manufacturer, offers compact post print solutions to the digital presses and printers around. C&J offers solution to todays' POST digital finish, from IR Primer machine, to custom size water based coating. It enables both IR and heating coil to integrate with one or 2 re-circulation pumps. Another such designs is Corona unit for handling synthetic material print from laser toner to pigment based printers, well received with other digital manufacturers in the market. C&J has one of the renowned bid washer manufacturer for cut sheet digital print manufacturer. It works closely with digital manufacturer, If there is a need for C&J post equipment, start here to find out more. Today it has developed offset performance feeder, stacking device and water based coating using silicon roller or anilox application to meet various primer  in the market.

KISUN Photbook Machinery

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CnJ inverter (18).JPG
Corona (forefront) and  UV and IR primer unit


CNJ INC has a long and colourful history in manufacturing small compact machines for priming and IR coating applications, to Velvet finishing and various development in photo and hard case finishing. Built for the A3 digital print market, now expanded to B2/B1 size, it has grown to meet the needs of larger digital printers with various post print and pre-print solution such inline and offline feeder and stacking devices. Get to know full portfolio of product solutions. 

Full feeder, coater, stacking line system