One typical development of Kisun Machinery is that of Digicoater, Kisun Digicoater is built with IR and UV curing to suit the most common water based or UV coatings for full flood covering or even as Digital spot via use of flexo plates. To maintain the uniformity of the coating, anilox rollers are equipped. Both front end feeders and backend stackers are added as one true offline or near line solutions. It works with many digital presses and has units shipped as far as in Europe and USA. Kisun OEM for other manufacturers, and trusted for their strength of product knowledge and dedicated R&D. It offers small compact cold foil and flatbed UV spot varnish through the application of A3 size inkjet machine converted for UV spot application. Together with a cold foiling to create the most astounding effect on A3++ or B2 digital print, be it from toner, laser, inkjet or to photographic material.

CNJ Machinery

CNJ machine manufacturer, offers compact post print solutions to the digital presses and printers around. CNJ offers solution to todays' POST digital finish, from IR Primer machine, to small size UV coater. It enables both IR and UV to integrate with one or 2 re-circulation pumps. Another such as Corona unit will be handy for handling synthetic material print from laser toner to pigment based printers. CnJ is one of the renowned bid washer manufacturer for cut sheet HP Indigo. If there is a need for CnJ post equipment, start here to find what you need easily, 


Both KISUN and CNJ are Korean companies that has a long and colourful history in manufacturing small compact machines for priming and IR/UV coating applications, to Velvet finishing and various development in photo and hard case finishing. Built for the A3 digital print market, it has grown to meet the needs of larger B2 size digital printers with various post print and preprint solution such inline and offline feeder and stacker to meet the needs of the digital market. Get to know the full portfolio of the range of products produced and the flatbed SPOT UV solutions.