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InterioJet 3300 waterbased inkjet

The perfect solution for printing laminated surface designs with inkjet technology

The InterioJet 3300 is a multi-pass, water-based inkjet system for printing on decor paper used for interior decoration, such as laminate floors and furniture. Boasting a fast start-up as well as brilliant and consistent finishing quality, it offers suppliers of laminated surfaces the highest degree of designer freedom and enables them to deliver just-in-time, customized interior decoration.

The InterioJet will accelerate the transformation from analog to digital printing in the laminated surface market. This water-based inkjet printing system is the ideal cost-efficient solution for short and medium production runs. Its combination of a speedy start-up and a high degree of versatility enables suppliers of laminated surfaces to meet the interior decoration market’s demand for just-in-time delivery and for customized designs – and thus to gain additional business.

The InterioJet can print on two rolls at a time – each with a width of up to 157 cm and a weight of up to 700 kg – at a speed of up to 340 m² per hour. It is built on the same inkjet printing platform as Agfa’s award-winning heavy-duty Jeti Tauro LED UV printing press for sign & display printing applications, and delivers the same printing reliability.


Highly productive UV LED wide-format inkjet printer range for rigid and flexible media


This hybrid large-format UV LED inkjet printer family combines award-winning print quality with extreme productivity, cutting-edge automation and low ink consumption.

Produce smooth, detailed prints up to 3.3 m wide at up to 600 m2/h. Thanks to the rapid UV LED curing of Agfa’s signature high-pigmented UV inks and the smart automation features of the Asanti workflow software, these hybrid UV inkjet workhorses exceed expectations every time.

In the Jeti Tauro H3300 LED printers, you will find heavy-duty, ruggedly built workhorses that easily handle extreme workloads, multiple-shift operation and 24/7 printing. Suited for a variety of rigid and flexible substrates, these printers offer you countless options to create eye-catching large-format prints. They can be deployed in six configurations with different automation options.



High-speed 4/6-color + white hybrid UV LED-curable inkjet system with a printing width from 1.65 to 3.2 m for indoor and outdoor applications.

The wide-format hybrid Anapurna LED series is a perfect fit for sign shops, digital printers, photo labs and mid-size graphic screen printers that want to combine board and roll-to-roll print jobs.

The engines print at a width up to 3.2 m and combine high quality with high productivity for outdoor and indoor, rigid and flexible wide-format jobs. The white ink function creates possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit applications or for printing white as a spot color. Go for the optional automatic board feeder to increase your productivity even more.

The hybrid Anapurna LEDs are fitted with air-cooled UV LED lights that save you energy, costs and time. Due to their minimal energy output, these LED lights are ideal for thin heat-sensitive materials. They also lead to faster operations as they can be switched on and off instantaneously.


The Anapurna RTR3200i LED is a heavy-duty 3.2 meter-wide roll-to-roll UV LED-inkjet printer. It prints top-quality indoor and outdoor banners and billboards at speeds up to 127 m²/hr.


Your day-to-day roll-to-roll sign & display jobs? Hand them over to your very solid Anapurna RTR3200i LED. This dedicated roll-to-roll UV LED-curable printer, which comes in a six color and a four color plus white version, handles a broad scope of flexible media for indoor and outdoor applications. As the Anapurna RTR3200i LED is equipped with UV LED lamps, it enables you to print on a wide media mix and to save energy, costs and time.

The four color plus white version stands out by its ability to print white in different modes, improving the opacity of the printed material as well as increasing color contrast and readability.

The Anapurna RTR3200i LED can also handle dual-roll printing. This option enables you to double your productivity when printing on smaller media—whether it is paper, vinyl or polyester.



Dye sublimation roll-to-roll printer that prints on a wide range of polyester-based media. Agfa’s dedicated dye sublimation roll-to-roll printer will enable you to create vibrant high-quality prints on polyester-based fabrics up to 3.2 m wide, including a broad range of in- and outdoor soft signage applications, as well as interior decoration. The Avinci CX3200 is a highly reliable and convenient soft signage printer that is able to print directly to fabrics, as well as onto transfer paper. It uses an off-line calender unit to ensure perfect fixation.


Push the boundaries of leather decoration! Opt for Alussa, Agfa’s revolutionary leather printing solution that relies on UV inkjet technology to create unique and stunning prints in any quantity.


With Alussa, Agfa brings its graphical expertise to the leather industry. Alussa provides designers with the opportunity to add vibrant, colorful and ultrasharp graphics to high-quality genuine leathers. Tanneries and service providers can rely on our Alussa inkjet technology to decorate quality leather and still obtain high flex performance. Alussa enables you to offer your customers top-quality, high performing decorated leather with unique and detailed designs in any volume, and whenever they want.

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