Grando Inkjets

Grando UV roll to roll and flatbed

MODEL : GD1800 H Flatbed / 3080-UV Roll
HEAD : Ricoh GEN5 Print Head
PRINTING WIDTH : 70.8 in. (1800mm)
INK : UV Curing Ink
COLOR : CMYK,LC,LM,W,V / 4/5/6Colors

RESOLUTION : Maximum  2400 /1200dpi​


UV Flatbed features

  • Integrated belt and flat bed media feeding system competent to both rigid and roll media

  • Folding extension frame save space and cost

  • Widen platform to accommodate wider media

  • Air shaft system for more stability

  • Sheet media auto position with front pressure bar for accuracy printing

  • Auto height adjustment  and measuring system

  • Cool UV LED curing consistency

  • Caldera color RIP and ICC profiling

  • Multifunctional vacuum platform for wrinkle free prevention

Grando Latex and Hybrid


MODEL : Latex3000/2000/5080H
HEAD : I3200 print heads
PRINTING WIDTH : 71.6in.(1820mm)
INK : water-based latex ink
COLOR : 6/8 Colors
RESOLUTION : 1440dpi /2400dpi (Hybrid)


Infra-Red heater and cooling fan 
To ensure ink dry promptly without hassle for continuouos print production.
Automatic moisturising and cleaning assembly 
Provide haed cleanliness at all times and maintain print stability throughout
Anit warping and anti collision
Anti warping clamps prevent print head from being scratched. Anti collision sensor protects print head and life time of usage
*For Hybrid system Latex
Anti Static bar
In all standard cofiguration to eliminate static electricity and to achieve precise placement of ink dots on hynrid system
Belt guide and vacuum 
Assure of print output with deviation or improper misalignment while printing. material thickness up to 5mm