Image by Leslin_Liu from Pixabay 

Sinajet Flatbed cutter  

SinaJet Flatbed  
Built onto a cut assembly head with multiple tool inserts, for cutting, creasing, Vcuts as required. For perfect registration, it has a CCD camera to detect print cut marks for accuring incision and minimum size compensation and possible skewing that would happen during the print. Drag cutting and oscillating tool for appropriate kind of media cutting. Various size to choose from, is one of the best known and most progressive brands in market in recent years

  • Low voltage control panel integrated inside the cutter: the low voltage control panel is integrated into the cutter with "drawer" design, with advantage of sparing space.

  • High power cables are mounted within build-in enclosure inside the cutter, making it easy for cable connection and  layout.

  • Pneumatic parts: all pneumatic parts are mounted on the back of  a steel plate guard on one side of the cutter, easy for adjustment and maintenance

Sinajet FB2.png
  • Automatic cutting tool offset: two automatic cutting tool units, one on left and one on right of the cut assembly, this enhances efficiency and performance.

  • Ergometic design: professional industrial appearance

  • Cutting heads: upgradable modules and motors with compact stability