DASOM E-machine CNC

Dasom CNC manufactured out of Incheon, South Korea. Produces 2 models of compact CNC - A series (Japan spindle) and E series (Korean power spindle) to handle the most difficult cut material, from stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic, brass and others. Unlike its contemporary, this CNC is made for fine quality cutting, routing, milling, engraving and to 3D metal moulding or plastic moulding. With machine base of either aluminium bed or one build with stone slab, it gives you the consistency, under the most duress production performance. Dasom offers the most compact tables that range from size of A3 to over 2.0m in length bed. Dasom has size from 300 mm x 400 mm to fit most souvenir purposes. .


Router on Dasom routs quickly on hardest material, and with special build spindle it can even handle metal such as copper, brass and cutting of acrylic. Various Dasom CNC sizes to meet advertising market, sign industries and stamping/engraving mold making. For higher productivity, laser pointer, macros marks or camera devices options are added to enhance small lot production