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Solutions fitting for all

The solutions presented are universally proven and suited to workflow of other suppliers / manufacturers machinery and equipment as an offline or as a near line production process. It works well with all manufactures without preference, prejudice or limits.




DESKTOP CCD/QR code vinyl cutter 

A3++ digital vinyl adhesive cutter, lightweight and space-saving design  suitable for desktop application use in collaboration with digital cut sheet printer. Optimized auto sheet feeding mechanism ensures productivity with minimized paper jams. Auto-recognition of registration marks guarantees scanning and cutting accuracy, multiple job cutting sheet cutter cuts paper up to 480mm x 330mm in width. Cut speed up to 960mm/sec. CCD Camera which allows the machine for registration and increases the scanning speed by 100%. Built-in ability to enable reading of QR code, for auto batch process in handsfree manner of quick turnaround, short run jobs without frequent attention and truer automation. Look at these desktop auto vinyl cutter with CCD and QR code application.


Touch screen and Vacuum Feed

Touch screen menu
Simple to use, straightforward operation, with multi-languages selection, function for repeat cut of previous jobs. Array to set cutting of multiple lines, columns, and set distance between each copy. Multi-interface, USB cable (no need for install driver). U disk (support both normal cutting and contour cutting). WIFI (optional) Camera for auto contour cutting. Patent designed and in-build real camera for auto print & cut. High-accurate, fast speed, and capable for any color materials and marks. Dual independent head assembly tool for creasing, one tool for cutting. Easy and highly efficient. Good for sample box making

Auto load n cut UK.png

A3++ and B1 vinyl plotter


Auto vacuum flatbed/sheet cutter 

Cut any shape on up to 350 micron paper/card – and also kiss-cut sheet labels. Blending flatbed and sheet fed technologies, the all new Automatic sheet cutter is perfect for both digital die-cutting and creasing light-weight packaging and P.O.S card and paper projects – as well as kiss-cut sheet label production. The all new auto cutter is an ‘on demand’ digital sheet cutter with no dies or setup costs. Targeted for busy print departments, seeking an affordable, higher-capacity device for complete unattended cutting production, the auto cutter combines ultra-reliable feeding with instant job retrieval and flawless high-speed cutting.

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