ACS Co Ltd, Japan

AS cutter

By mounting a different blade to two heads, it can cut different materials at the sequential time. Using a timing belt system of high precision, mounted edge to edge in vertical manner, this ensure long time used on sample cutter. Durability of conventional blade decrease when used in high speed, at ACS with local self-developed, design blade it aids to  support various materials that requires special handling. ACS have adopted a high-performance aluminum honeycomb board. It has high durability with respect to the weight on table. In addition, taking advantage of the structure of the hexagonal column, it is possible to have strong suction on material from the blower without use of compressor,  removing deviation in extreme cases. Various options tool are available ranging from V-cut (oblique cutting), Z cut tool for small v on greyboard, CCD, long blades (100mm)  as such.

Z class

A vertical (stand-type) cutting machine under Z class sampler cutter is available for most effective use and consideration of space footprint. Footprint is about two-thirds of typical  flatbed sample cutter most suitable for space saving concern. Z Series correspond to the lighter needs of lower thickness material cutting and corresponding to use on material like cardboard and folding carton up to height of 8mm. Though limited by height to restrained thickness, it still encompasses scalable functionality of tool options for camera registration, Z tool for small v cut on graybeard, and various of specialty blades like BS blades for cutting on small contours and small cutting arcs requirements.

The high performance, high quality, and all‐Japanese product to meet the needs of various type business , and can respond not only to the conventional sample creation but to small job lot manufacturing . Its reliable performance using consistent proven mechanism with careful attention to ease of use and quick production. We have R&D and completed the evolution of performance rated sample cutter.

  • Improvement in durability of the cutter blade.

  • Machine that need little maintenance.

  • Directly cut from CAD.

  • Processed without tool exchange

  • Come in standing or flatbed models

  • 2 class of AS and Z class cutters