Solutions fitting for all

The solutions presented here are universally proven and suited to workflow of other suppliers / manufacturers machinery and equipment as an offline or as a near line production process. It works well with all manufactures without preference, prejudice or budget. Check out the following if required a follow-up meeting or discussion to follow.


Meet The Team

Our Story

OIKOS WBGB Pte Ltd started out in SEP/OCT 2018. In the beginning years, representing various brands and manufacturers.  In 2020, OIKOS WBGB re-think its business model, and move slowly towards small - medium size solutions that works and integrate well with other brands owners, manufacturers as a valued-add partner to suppliers' equipment and streamlines process. 

In line with this non-competitive business model, OIKOS WBGB has diversified into video creation, editing, production, image and photo retouching, podcasts and event planning with clients for photo, gallery design, video communications / presentations for fair, independent, and neutral production. And as a resource for secondary event planning / design channel to our clients.