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Solutions fitting for all

The solutions presented are universally proven and suited to workflow of other suppliers / manufacturers machinery and equipment as an offline or as a near line production process. It works well with all manufactures without preference, prejudice or limits.

Meeting Future Needs

Our Story

WBGB LLP started out in 2013. In the beginning, representing various brands and manufacturers.  In 2020, WBGB re-think its business model, and move slowly towards small - medium size solutions that works and integrate well with other brands owners, manufacturers as a valued-add partner to suppliers' equipment and streamlines process. 

In line with this business model,  WBGB has diversified into servicing, business agencies, sales representation, and consultation work with clients in commercial printing, large format printing, label printing, packaging and in communications / training for independent, and neutral suppliers. And as a resource for secondary aids to our clients. 

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